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    A WWII fiction, STARLING is the code name of Ellie MacCalister Greer, a former MI-6 agent. Hoping to leave her past in Nazi Germany behind, she sails to Canada, learning she is the target of a Nazi double-agent. After U.S. Coast Guard Lieutenant Karn...

Latest comments

09.04 | 10:55

Dropping a check in the mail to you today. Let me know when you want to meet for lunch.

11.03 | 17:11

I'm looking forward to the book; it will make it easier to flip back to the maps and terms. I'm new to e-books, so I didn't know how to go to the beginning.

04.12 | 15:01

Good job on the new cover! Let me know when you find out about the pre-order. I'll be your first customer!

30.09 | 14:20

Deni, You know I like to listen to books rather than read. But, for you, I will actually read it. Let me know as soon as it is available. Love you, Lanie

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