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D.D.O'Lander's bio, not to be confused with the longer, humorous one!

D.D.O'Lander 01-06-16

D.D.O’Lander enfolds her Irish heritage in her nom de plume, though her real name is Denise D. Ohlander (married into a Swedish-Viking clan). Denise was born nine years after WWII ended, but she gravitated toward this complicated period in history for her first novel: Emerald Target—Starling.

An abiding respect for history and love of dogs, horses and writing has naturally led Denise to merge them in her writing, a hobby for many years until recently. Real work has included drafting (if it had to do with a building, I probably worked on it), bookkeeping, office manager, lunchroom-playground monitor, assistant dog groomer and Reserve Deputy (yes, a pistol-packin' road deputy, at times on horseback). Currently, she works in the local library as a Materials Handler Technician (a fancy term for shelver). She cherishes the enchantment of books and the many library patrons who love them as well.

Travel has included National Parks, visits to Canada, Ireland, Holland, France and Germany, many for research. Born, adopted and raised in Colorado, she lives with son Scott and their "purebred curbstone setters" Gabe and Holly, who oddly do not look anything alike. Hmmm? Son Scott is a hard working, young college student who provides techie back-up for Mom when needed.

Emerald Target—Starling is D.D.O’Lander’s first self-published novel (eBook 2014 & Trade paperback 2015), with Irish—Book II and Pawn—Book III to follow in 2016 and early 2017 respectively.

Scott with Gabe (l) and Holly(r) on an early Spring walk 2013.

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09.04 | 10:55

Dropping a check in the mail to you today. Let me know when you want to meet for lunch.

11.03 | 17:11

I'm looking forward to the book; it will make it easier to flip back to the maps and terms. I'm new to e-books, so I didn't know how to go to the beginning.

04.12 | 15:01

Good job on the new cover! Let me know when you find out about the pre-order. I'll be your first customer!

30.09 | 14:20

Deni, You know I like to listen to books rather than read. But, for you, I will actually read it. Let me know as soon as it is available. Love you, Lanie

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