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Ellie brushed snow from the large, scarred rock left eons ago by a glacier and sat. Below, turbulent seas swelled black, except for wave caps whipped to froth with each raging breaker. This spot, not far from her cottage, had become her sanctuary from the garrison’s madness—the haven she learned years ago to always seek, no matter where she lived.

Now, as at other times, Ellie needed this refuge.

Danger stalked her. Though she again intercepted Blue Fox’s message—an innocuous missive of failure—it was Mac’s men who had brought to light the closer peril endangering her life.

In the wee hours last night, they apprehended an intruder. Thinking of this man sent a chill down Ellie’s spine, having nothing to do with the icy wind. Her thoughts unraveled again.

For almost ten years, Ellie MacCalister Greer had lived in Nazi Germany, working for Great Britain’s MI-6. Her codename was STARLING. Ellie knew the odds, took the risks. Hadn’t she already lost her husband & daughter to those perils?

She’s returned to Canada and is part of Operation Ice Pact. This quirky Allied team has been tasked with finding and destroying German U-boat bases on the convoluted East Greenland Coast. But trouble followed Ellie across the North Atlantic. She is the target of a Nazis set on her destruction.

Will events that began in Germany be her undoing or her redemption? Is the mission jeopardized because of Ellie? Who else will fall within the enemy’s crosshairs?

Find out when you read STARLING, Book I of EMERALD TARGET now available through Amazon.com in either Kindle or Trade paperback.

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Richard, thank you for the note. Link is missing. Go to Amazon.com which is where it would send you: Emerald Target - Irish - Book II. Good luck with surgery.

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Hi Denise, l am an inpatient at UC hospital looking to schedule heart surgery. I've just completed Starling. Can't wait to get Irish. Can I purchaseon Wsite?

15.11 | 02:20

Marcia, you comments mean the world to me. Thanks for your support. I don't want to disappoint you: )

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Denise, thank you so much for your reply! I wish you well as you work towards publication of ‘Pawn’. I’ll be watching for it n Spring 2019! I am truly a fan!