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I'm falling behind: {

I apologize for being so bad about my website lately. It seems the current of life keeps sweeping me away from the things I need to get done. Since October, I've hardly worked on my book, though heaven knows I'm not resting on my laurels. That might be a bit prickly:  )

After Nick and I discussed it, we tweaked the book cover to what you see at the left. Now we have to create the spine and back cover before I can upload STARLING to a trade paperback size. Arrgh, more formatting, but that's okay. I think when I have an actual book out there, my "sail into history on the winds of fiction" will be a little more seaworthy.

I'd like to set up a pre-order, but I'm not real sure how that works and, heck, I'm not even sure who I'm gonna have print it yet!

However, I will take this opportunity to wish everyone,


Please enjoy the snowflakes and stars falling from the cursor, courtesy of SimpleSite.

Blessings to all this holiday season, Denise

PS:  ) I also added a section, under LOCATIONS, for Sheet Harbour.


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14.11 | 19:20

Marcia, you comments mean the world to me. Thanks for your support. I don't want to disappoint you: )

12.11 | 05:46

Denise, thank you so much for your reply! I wish you well as you work towards publication of ‘Pawn’. I’ll be watching for it n Spring 2019! I am truly a fan!

11.11 | 21:21

Marcia, thank you for your interest. I'm working through the glitches of being a self publisher. Hopefully, late Spring 2019. Denise

29.10 | 14:33

When will ‘Pawn’ be published and released??

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