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Thank you to all who have purchased STARLING (either eBook of paperback, including the James H. LaRue Library). Though book sales are fairly slow (according to Amazon), I bought copies to sell direct that they do not reflect. Hopefully, the folks I sell these copies to will further help by writing reviews. At the moment I have 4 1/2 stars on Amazon from three friends, but they're honest & not just gushy. If you've read STARLING, please consider writing a quick review on Amazon, then I can thank you all over again:  )

The picture at left is Saint Nikolai Kirche (St. Nicholas Church) in Hamburg, Germany, taken on my visit there on a rainy, June afternoon several years ago. I was moved by how the sun caught the cross on top of the spire (click on the picture to enlarge).

During ten days of firebombing by the Allies (the RAF by night & the USAAF by day) in late July & early August, 1943, at least 43,000 people died, more than 37,000 were left homeless & almost the entire city center was destroyed. Despite cracks, the spire of St. Nikolai (483 ft/147.3 m tall), one wall of the nave & the crypt below ground were all that remained. Much of the structure still shows the black charring left by 800-degree fires. The site became a memorial for peace. Because Hitler did not allow photos of Germany's destruction, few pictures exist, so the memorial includes pictures of Coventry, England, & Rotterdam, Netherlands, both extensively bombed by the Germans.

Visiting the St. Nikolai Memorial was a very sobering experience.

Enough for now, I need to get busy with revisions & formatting on IRISH, so I won't lose my audience. I'll also try to blog more to share some of the history of WWII related to my novels, tidbits about the locations & characters of EMERALD TARGET, as well as photos from my travels.

Blessings on this Mother's Day and a heartfelt thanks to all veterans on this day also celebrating VE Day (Victory in Europe) on 8 May 1945.

God Bless America and our Allies, Denise

EMERALD TARGET - Book I - STARLING is now available as a trade papaerback on Amazon.com for $15.12.

Also, if you would like, I can order a copy from Amazon (which will save shipping charges), sign it & get it to you with the provision we meet for lunch or just to chat. It's as good as an excuse as any:  )


Let me know via email (ddolander@irelandmail.com) or call if you have my number (which I won't post) or simply go to the above link.


Yeesh! (as my friend Marti would say) It seems to have taken forever to get the book out!!

If you already purchased the eBook, THANK YOU! Your support kept me going & certain I was on the right page, so to speak:  )

There are a few corrections to the paperback (amazing how many times they were missed), several pictures and a couple of points clarified, but nothing too serious. To those who do wish to purchase the paperback, I am grateful.

On to IRISH, Book II, so I don't keep you in suspense too long.

Many blessings to all of you, Denise or D.D.O'Lander


This is the direct link to my book on Amazon.com.

To all concerned: I just sent STARLING to CreateSpace for review. Yeah!!

They need to verify it meets all their standards and will get back to me in 24hrs. Hopefully everything will be okay, then Ellie will be back in the world of readers in a new form, better & bolder, so I can move on to EMERALD TARGET: Bk II - IRISH.

<<<  The PBY Catalina which located the Bismarck in 1940.


Though I'm barely keeping up, I want to officially wish everyone a for-real:


STARLING is undergoing another makeover to be released (hopefully later this month) as a 5.5 x 8.5 paperback. Dan Pratt of PBComposition is cyber-holding my hand through this process and for his help I am extremely grateful. Now if Word will cooperate, I'll get STARLING finished and move on with IRISH.

Scott & I had a wonderful Christmas, as I hope you all did as well! I'll keep on truckin' so please don't loose faith in me:  )


Love D!

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01.12 | 00:24

Richard, thank you for the note. Link is missing. Go to Amazon.com which is where it would send you: Emerald Target - Irish - Book II. Good luck with surgery.

27.11 | 13:11

Hi Denise, l am an inpatient at UC hospital looking to schedule heart surgery. I've just completed Starling. Can't wait to get Irish. Can I purchaseon Wsite?

14.11 | 19:20

Marcia, you comments mean the world to me. Thanks for your support. I don't want to disappoint you: )

12.11 | 05:46

Denise, thank you so much for your reply! I wish you well as you work towards publication of ‘Pawn’. I’ll be watching for it n Spring 2019! I am truly a fan!

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