The characters of EMERALD TARGET:


HMS Glasgow Bonnie stranded beneath leaden winter skies. Pencil sketch by D.D.O'Lander

Before World War II, Ellie worked for Great Britain’s MI-6, where she completed rigorous Commando training, learned espionage skills and radio-telegraphy. She became a key double-agent in Nazi Germany, landing a choice position with a nautical-engineering firm.

Elise fell in love with Brandt Gündestein, a Berlin police officer, later forced to join the SS. Once married, the two continued to operate with the German Resistance. In 1934, Elise gave birth to their daughter Anna. The couple grew more cautious, yet remained effective against the Nazis.

Then the Spring of 1940 arrived. While on a mission in England, Elise is informed both her husband and daughter have been killed.

Forbidden to return to Germany, Elise Gündestein again becomes Ellie MacCalister Greer. Ultimately resigning her commission with MI-6, Ellie sails on a tramp freighter for her cousin's home in Nova Scotia, Canada. 

Ellie prays she is leaving the war behind to begin a new life in Canada. Unfortunately, one particular sadistic Nazi has other plans for Ellie's existence.


Yeat's Benbulbin Mountain in County Sligo, Ireland. A sight Karney would have seen as a young boy growing up in Sligo.

Though born in Sligo County, Ireland, Karney is now a United States Coast Guard officer, serving aboard the USCGC Zealous. During his years in the "Hooligan Navy", Karney has earned the nickname of "Irish" by reciting proverbs from his native Ireland, often in Gaelic.

Karney's life has been adventurous and eventful, filled with joy and tragedy, forming a steely resilience beneath a calm facade and fueling his droll sense of humor.  The opening salvos of America's entry into World War II, merely increases the tension and perils Karney must face.

Rescuing a lovely Scotswoman from a torpedoed freighter, he finds his heart stolen after one look into her emerald eyes. Though Karney thinks he is merely saving this woman, his Irish sixth-sense preceives Ellie MacCalister Greer is the tip of a vast and complex iceberg of intrigue, danger and romance.


The Brandenburg Gate at night under Nazi rule. Undoubtedly a view von Zeitz would have viewed when in Berlin. Picture adapted from a photograph taken in 1935.

Known as a hero and an effective, though brutal espionage agent in the inner circles of Great Britain's MI-6, Major James Fenton Strafford is also a womanizing, egotistical annoyance to his fellow Brits. A highly decorated Royal Marine, who has married into wealth and prestige, wants it all.

The double life he leads, however, is far worse than merely cheating on his wife and often snubbing his children.

On the other side of the English Channel, James Strafford has a similar reputation, but in Nazi Germany he is known as Obersturmbannführer Joachim von Zeitz of the notorious SD. Playing both sides to his advantage, he knows what he wants and it has little to do with loyalty to the Crown or any sworn allegiance to Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich.


The raucous West River as it empties into Sheet Harbour near the fictional MacCalister Manor & the RCN Training Garrison. Photograph taken by author in 2006.

Captain Mac MacCalister of the Royal Canadian Navy is the force behind Operation ICE PACT. His joint Allied mission must find where the Nazis are building U-boat bases on the East Greenland Coast and stop them.

With a mixed contingent of Canadians, members of Royal British forces and a selection of U.S. Coast Guardsmen, Mac wields his power at MacCalister Manor, near Sheet Harbour, Nova Scotia. However, glitches appear and he suspects ICE PACT has been infiltrated by a Nazi spy. The worst is Ellie has been accused of being that spy.

Between Greenland's harsh setting, Ellie's history in Nazi Germany, a spy in their midst and trouble among the ranks of ICE PACT, Mac begins to wonder if defeating the Nazis will prove the easiest part of the entire mission.


Photograph of a Sunderland Flying-boat taken over Lough Erne in Northern Ireland in 1942.

Wendy Collins is a skilled Australian pilot with a knack for getting into trouble and taking photos of German U-boats before they can submerge. Sometimes, however, they air-condition Wendy's camera-rigged Spitfire with Krupp munitions. Then Wendy reverts to flying patrols with his regular Aussie crew in a huge Sunderland flying-boat for British Coastal Command out of Torbay, Newfoundland.

Though Wendy often finds himself in tight spots, he is Mac's reconnaissance expert when it comes to Operation ICE PACT.


Exterior of U-boat pens at Lorient, France. Inaccessible interior extends back hundreds of feet. Photograph taken by author in 2004.

As captain of the prototype U799, his own uniquely designed U-boat, Jakob Prüsche is known throughout the U-bootwaffen for his skill and daring against enemy targets. Prüsche’s family knows him as a compassionate husband and father, as well as a special uncle to Elise Gündestein’s daughter Anna.

Knowing Hitler’s maniacal intent, Prüsche must find a way to get his family out of Nazi Germany, yet maintain the façade of a loyal officer of the Kriegsmarine. As German forces converge on the East Greenland Coast to build U-boat bases, he finds an unlikely source of allies.

But can Jakob formulate a plan without endangering his family and crewmembers and not get himself killed? 


St. Mary le Bow Church in London's East End near where Sandy was born. Photograph from Ian Bishop's blog, London Unveiled.

Sandy Sanders has been around long enough to know the ins and outs of the espionage game. Originally from London's East End, Sandy is a true Cockney, born within hearing distance of the Bow Bells. Though it took a while to lose his Cockney accent, Sandy has worked from Argentina to China to Germany and has mastered many languages, dialects included. A trait that has served him well at MI-6.

As a British Commando, Sandy is assigned to the RCN Training Garrison to be Mac's combat and weapons instructor. In his role with MI-6, his mission is to protect Ellie, as well as prove she is not a Nazi double agent.

Sandy's attraction to Ellie makes his assignment both a pleasure and painful for his heart.

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